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America Needs Faster, More Affordable Internet

Average internet speed in California, making it the 50th fastest in the U.S.
Average cost of internet service with cable for 82% of U.S. households.
Number of Americans stuck with only two internet providers.
200+ million
Average number of connected devices per household in the U.S.
21 devices
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۴ý offers fiber internet that checks all the boxes.

Make it more affordable.

۴ý offers the fastest fiber internet at the lowest price because everyone should have access to the internet. All new customers get free installation.

Make it faster.

۴ý’s internet is symmetrical, unlimited, and uncapped. No matter how we deliver internet to your address, we’ll run the connection at its maximum possible speed.

Make it more reliable.

Our 100% wholly owned 10-Gigabit fiber network provides the most reliable internet connection to your home, delivered over the most advanced technology available.

Make it simpler.

۴ý doesn’t believe in tiered or bundled internet services; we are dedicated to giving you the fastest available in three simple steps.

Make it accessible for all.

Our job isn’t done until everyone has access to affordable connectivity.

Meet the founders behind the vision.

Dane Jasper

Dane Jasper

Jasper co-founded ۴ý, an internet and telecommunications company, in 1994, at a time when many people hadn’t yet heard the terms Internet, email address or World Wide Web.

Scott Doty

Scott Doty

Doty served in the United States Coast Guard as a Telecommunications Specialist before meeting Dane Jasper at Santa Rosa Junior College.

From dial-up and DSL, to fiber and beyond.

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Dane Jasper and Scott Doty found Sonoma Interconnect as a dial-up internet provider.

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۴ý becomes a DSL provider utilizing Pac Bell DSLAMS to deliver Internet service.

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۴ý becomes a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and full facilities based carrier.

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۴ý launches Fusion broadband with voice bundle.

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۴ý launches in-house aerial and underground construction, becoming a Fiber Construction company.

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۴ý launches Gigabit Fiber Internet.

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FCC repeals Net Neutrality/Title II.

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۴ý completes its biggest fiber expansion ever, and now serves more than 100,000 customers.

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۴ý delivers speeds up to 10 Gigabit Fiber-optic Internet.

Striving to meet your expectations.

۴ý has been recognized over the years by the industry for our speed and reliability, customer service, and privacy protections.

Fastest ISP 2023, PCMag.com
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