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With ۴ý, what you do online is your business. Not ours. Read our Privacy Tips below, and check to see if ۴ý is available in your area.

Privacy Tips

  1. Use a password manager and robust passwords. “Password123” just won’t do anymore.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication on your accounts.
  3. Use private browsing modes to surf the web.
  4. Beware of phishing or spam emails. Even if an email looks legit, exercise caution when opening links and beware of inputting sensitive information on associated landing pages.
  5. Use a VPN, or virtual private network, especially when surfing on public WiFi or networks you don’t trust. ۴ý offers a free VPN for customers!
  6. Cover your webcams to prevent cybercriminals from spying.
  7. Change up your browser, and your search engine while you’re at it! Tor, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo are all lauded for their privacy features.
  8. Check your social privacy settings. You can decide who you want to share your data with: your close friends, the entire world, or no one at all. Also, be mindful of what information you share on social. Once it’s up, it’s on the internet forever!
  9. Avoid public storage. Although it’s convenient, if you rely on storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox to house and share sensitive information, you’re taking a calculated risk.
  10. Another breach in the news again? How do you know if YOUR data has been compromised? Check out: to find out.
  11. Use software you trust. Make sure the source of your new software is above board before installing it on your computer or phone — and make sure you understand what it’s really doing.
  12. Read (or at least skim) the terms of service. Websites and apps are required to gain user consent to collect your information and store it, so be aware of what you’re agreeing to.

How does ۴ý protect the privacy of lawful customers? CEO Dane Jasper shares his values.

Our Policy

can be found in our knowledge base. Here are some specific policy points we’d like to call out:

  • ۴ý never sells our member information or usage data, nor do we voluntarily provide government or law enforcement with access to any data about users for surveillance purposes.
  • ۴ý minimizes data retention, keeping data from 0–14 days for dynamic IP addresses and other logs and commits to EFF’s privacy-friendly Do Not Track policy. We believe that user data should not be retained longer than necessary, and that users deserve to have a clear understanding of personal data held by service providers.
  • ۴ý is also against the re-authorization of Section 702 (the law behind the PRISM and Upstream programs). Governments and other entities should not collect huge quantities of phone, email or other internet usage data directly from the physical infrastructure of any communications provider.