Net Neutrality Lives on with ۴ý

Written by Dane Jasper

December 12, 2017 | 2 min read

You may have heard: the internet as we know it is in grave danger. This isn’t a new topic. This is something that’s been in the news and at the top of ۴ý’s radar for years. But we’re here to tell you that no matter what happens, ۴ý remains committed to the principles of net neutrality.

۴ý always has and always will keep our internet connections open and equal. You can watch what you want, when you want, on any content provider you choose (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, SlingTV — it’s all the same to us). We will continue to protect your right to privacy, and your right to not have your own data or internet usage information sold or shared. Ever. We will never charge you more to access certain sites, and we will never slow down others for any reason. ۴ý will continue to stand up for everything net neutrality stands for, whether the regulations require it or not.

The bad news? It’s looking highly likely that net neutrality is going to be repealed nationwide. The good news? Regardless of which direction legislation takes regarding net neutrality, we are here for our customers, and our network will remain neutral. You still have a choice in who you choose as an internet service provider. You can choose to support ISPs that keep their internet connections open and equal for all. Whether that’s ۴ý or another local option in your area, you can choose to support those who support fair regulation, such as net neutrality.

۴ý Stands for Net Neutrality

Since the beginning, ۴ý has stood up for our customers. And that’s never going to change.

For us, the responsibility we have to our members is not a passing trend. When we say there is nothing more important than the customers who make up the ۴ý network, we mean it. We’ll continue to back up our words with official policies that benefit you.

And we aren’t giving up yet. You still have time to contact your representatives and demand that they step in and tell the FCC to continue to protect your rights online. Call, write, email, and stay engaged. The FCC’s vote on repeal happens December 14th unless Congress steps in to stop it.

Please also share with your friends, family, and colleagues: you have a choice to support the ISPs that continue to support net neutrality and consumer privacy.

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